The Road To Roseau - The Polaris 50th Anniversary - The Race Sleds

This sled is part of the Snowmobile Hall of Fame collection. It's a 1964 K-95 that raced along side Stan Hayes at Eagle River in 1964. Stan's actual sled is missing.
This sled was the actual sled raced by Polaris cofounder, the late Allen Hetten. It has a 4 cylinder, water cooled, Merc out board motor equipped Mustang. This sled is one of one ever built, and could easily be called the first ever Polaris factory race sled. It was restored and is owned by Jim Strandlund
This sled is the actual sled Herb Howe drove to victory in the first ever I-500 race. Herb still owns the sled today.
This is a 1967 Colt, typical of the cross-country racers of the time. Jerry Reece won the I-500 on one in 1967. That sled is in the Polaris Experience Center. This sled is an excellent original condition sled owned by Burt Bassett of Pro-5 in Roseau, MN.
This is a 1968 racer, restored and owned by Dave Larsen, from an actual chassis found by Mark Tandy.
This 1969 400cc Racer is owned by Larry and Sue Goede. It's exactly the type of racer used by Bob Eastman and others in 1969.
This is Dave Larsen's 1970 795cc Racer, Dave's most recent restoration. The chassis is believed to be that of Polaris Racer Greg Grahns.
Dave Larsen's 1971 795cc 2+1. The finest on the planet, and winner of many, many vintage shows.
Doc Jim's 1972 800cc Polaris Starfire. Prior to the 50th, it was on display at the Polaris Experience Center.
Larry Preston's 1973 800cc Starfire, originally restored by VSCA President Dan Rose from NOS Parts, she was redone by Doc Jim with the 800 motor just last year.
Stan Hayes' original 1974 650cc SnoPro. Stan was the high point driver of the year in 1974, and this sled won a ton of races. It was restored and is owned by Larry Preston.
Doc Jim's 1975 PDC Racers, built from many original PDC parts - including the motor and seat. Featured in the VSCA magazine, the sled has also won numerous shows. Plus it not only runs, it absolutely screams!
Larry Preston's 1976 440cc SnoPro replica - built as the factory had done them, including using a lighter chrome bore cylinder. This sled won it's class in Waconia last year.
Jim Bernat's 1977 440cc leaf spring SnoPro. Restored and owned by Larry Preston.
Jerry Bunke's 1977 340cc IFS SnoPro. Jerry was the number one driver in 1977, and this 340 won a whole lot of races. Owned and restored by Larry Preston.
Jerry Bunke's 1978 440-X Machines, owned by his son, Gabe Bunke, and on display at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in St. Germain Wisconsin. Jerry died in 1978 while racing in Canada.
1978 RXL with a 1979 upgrade kit. This sled is completely original from it's owner in 1980. It has won numerous vintage sled shows, including Eagle River and Waconia.
Todd Elmers' original condition 1980 RXL SnoPro racer. Todd was the last of the professional drivers to keep racing the RXL's. This is one of 3 custom built RXL's given to top independents for the 1981 season. Todd and his crew painted it to match his leathers.